General conditions

At Holmens Camping we have some rules – which are to be kept.

Visitors at Holmens Camping have to buy a visitor card before they enter into the campsite.

The price of the visitor card is 20,- DKK for adults and from 3 – 11 years DKK 10,- if you are a visitor for more than one hour. It is valid until 11 o’ clock p.m the same day. By visiting after 11 o’ clock you have to pay a fee for that.

The guests have to announce at the information before they enter the camp site.

We allow only one car per unit at the camp site. If a walking-impaired guest comes to the campsite it is allowed to switch cars. Remember the bar closes at the latest 11 o’ clock p.m.

If you get problems after 11 o’ clock p.m. you can contact us at our emergency number 86 89 17 62. Use the number at urgent medical assistance or other emergencies.

Holmens Camping is a family camp site and there is room for everybody. Please display consideration, be helpful and show tactfulness. That is the way for everybody to get the best holiday experience. Thank you in advance.

If you have any question regarding your standing on the camp site please contact the camp manager.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at Holmens Camping.

Kind regards

Tinne and Klaus