In the nature

We have collected useful information and links for experiences in the nature.

HJERTEFORENINGEN (Heart association)
Holmens Camping has through the membership of DK Camp a co-operation with the Hjerteforening.

Through the co-operation we have focus on motion, health and an active holiday for the whole family.
Read more of the co-operation on DK-Camp or at the homepage of the Hjerteforeningen (Heart Association).

Many small paths and ways are connected. Ideal for a short or a long walk or biking tours in the nature.

Marked paths and routes will lead you very easily through the wonderful areas and lead you to the attractions and antiquity memories which the region is rich of.

Denmark is a wonderful country with a friendly nature which we protect.

Holmens Camping is situated on the peninsula Holmen.

A stay at Holmens Camping is the ideal starting-point to enjoy the nature very close from a canoe or kayak.

Take your binoculars and your camera – you will see a lot of various birds and lots of attractions
Hikes in the Søhøjlandet.

The distance between the attractions is short.